miss simple

bárbara, 16, brazil
it's the only thing that slowly stops the ache but it's made of all the things I have to take Jesus it never ends, to push its way inside if the pain goes on.

FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [4/7] hottest scenes (no specific order)

Super Junior »  During Super Show 2 performing Don’t Don!

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Battle of the Monkey Bars feat. flaunting Haearms

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [6/7] hottest scenes (no specific order)

Super Junior » Kyuhyun and Yesung on Immortal Song 2
I was so blown away by their performances! Rockstar!Kyuhyun and Passionate!Yesung were amazing! Kyuhyun made me enjoy the song by making it so fun and Yesung’s voice touched my heart deeply to the point where I cried because he has the voice of a god!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Kyu with eyeliner so hot & Yesung’s high vocals so arousing! 

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I just miss you a lot.

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